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The Universal Love for Online Poker

Alex Dreyfus

Ever since the internet came in, the world has certainly become a better place. This has eased access to various aspects of life and today, one can imagine shopping, or playing and even getting entertainment online. So, it did not come as a surprise when the casino industry made that shift from land-based casinos to online world. It became easy for players to go for checking out their favorite slot games or even poker games online. This we can find from the Twitter of Alex Dreyfus, which is innovating and coming up with interesting titles in the poker industry.


The rise in the popularity of Poker:

In the US alone, poker saw a great growth and this happened firstly via social network. So, Texas Hold’em poker was a game that won millions of fans and that was the beginning of this revolution.

Online poker industry saw a new surge and soon the World Series of Poker saw unprecedented rise in popularity too. In spite of a big entrance fee, poker found millions of takers and soon it became the talk of the world.

Alex Dreyfus too is one of those innovative minds who took poker to a completely new level with his firm Mediarex Sports and Entertainment.


Why is online poker a trend now?

Online poker is seeing a rapid growth and though there was a slump during the recession period, it came up again when the economy started looking up. Not just land based, but the online poker too reflected these vicissitudes.

One could see the rise in the numbers of players online. In 2009, for instance around 40 percent of the players were playing online. Fast forward to 2017 and 2018, and we get to see some of the newest ways of scoring, which a couple of years back, would have been referred to be as a bonus. Nevertheless, Poker is a game, which has climbed the ranks faster than any other games of an online casino in the recent times.


Factors responsible for the Growth of Poker:

Poker is a card game, which keeps on moving round after round. A player has to cringe upon the luck factor as well as skills to fancy a straightforward winning chance over the game.Many critics over the time have taken a point of gambling games, being a riskier modes to earn and especially pokers. However, there are some points to reckon which clearly explains the intent and growth of this wonderful game.


  • WSOP or the World Series of Poker’s Debut: The game of poker has it first coverage in the global world with the help of these series. Although meant for offline modes of gaming, WSOP laid the foundation stone of global gaming and urged people across the world to come up and play the game. This was a first time event in many ways and the popularity of the tournament, is even talked about even today.


  • The Grand Payouts: From the WSOP’s success reflecting the game’s perennial success, there have been tons of players across the world playing the game for its immense payout. Imagining a situation where each players winning 2.5 million USD, is a phenomenal aspect. Chris Moneymaker, a popular bookie, bought the rights of booking via satellite tournament online, which paved the path of online poker’s growth immensely.What today is seen as a popular live casino poker game, is nothing but a subset or a corollary of Moneymaker’s innovation and thought?


  • Women’s contribution: Poker is a game, which has seen women, playing a major role in pushing the game to the next levels. Based on the contribution, Calamity Jane, is the first women punter to have ever made an impact on this game’s rich history. Following the success, the online version of the sport in the year 2014, had seen Jennifer Harman, being the first women to play the Super High Rollers Tournament, which she finished in the third place after an extraordinary encounter. The price money she accumulated in all her years of poking both online and offline counts for over 10 million USD.


  • Longest Games: Poker broke the longest online game in the year 2010, when Phil Laak, completed the game in 115 hours. This was a model for many of the modern day gamers to invest quality time while playing the games.


  • More Hands resulting in Bad defeats: The fact or the rumor, whatever a person says, has everything to do with the results of payoffs. While there is a common myth on online casino, deliberately rigging defeats, there is a term, which explains more hands to more defeats.


Online Poker is just the elongated version of poker, which connects a wide channel of interested players to venture out for the big prize. This has been the aim as per the bio of Alex Dreyfus. While it is the variance and luck factor, which matters, there is the right decision, which too matters in the main game.

Place Your Odds on Your Favorite Sports

It is hard to find a soul who has not been exposed to sports in one way or another in their lives. Whether it be through PE sessions in schools, playing for a team in college or watching a game on your television with your family, most of us have felt the thrill of being in or watching a match.

However, some of us take it further up a notch. We find ourselves learning as much about the game as possible. We follow the players on social media. We peruse the intricacies of the sport on search engines. By the end of it, we take pride on ourselves for being experts on the game.

When we achieve such wisdom, it becomes quite easy for us to predict the outcomes of a given match. And in this age and day, you can monetize such wisdom and power of prediction through platforms like Efbet.


History of Efbet

This bookmaker site finds its origin in Bulgaria. While it initially launched in 2006, it was eventually rebranded in 2011 to ensure that it was as user-friendly as possible. Moreover, Efbet took various steps to make sure that customers of the service were happy.

This commitment toward providing an enhanced experienced to users have led Efbet to be viewed as a force to be reckoned with in the market. You might wonder, what allows Efbet to stand apart from other bookmakers? Well, things like fast withdrawals and bonuses that you receive when you sign up to the site are just the tip of the iceberg.


Odds on Sports

The best thing about Efbet is the fact that it allows you to bet on a variety of sports. Whether it be football or tennis, the platform lets you place odds on all sorts of games. Moreover, within each match, Efbet offers customers the chance to predict the outcomes of both league and non-league matches.

Hence, if you support an amateur team that is not yet available to bet on other platforms, you can rest assured knowing that you will find the match and reasonable odds on Efbet.


Competitive Odds

Makers of Efbet value your talent of predicting a game. Therefore, it provides you with competitive odds that are significantly higher than those offered by other bookmakers. We have come to this conclusion after perusing the rates of the various competitors in the market.

Additionally, promotion bonuses make betting even more profitable for users. Collectively, Efbet’s policy of finalizing its pricing at a high rate has been applauded by the masses.



All in all, if you consider yourself to be an expert in any sport, one thing you should do is test your wisdom with the help of Efbet. See whether your predictions are correct.

Make use of the accumulated knowledge of your favorite sport. Whether it be tennis, cricket or golf, your intuition is worth investing on. Use Efbet, and you will not be disappointed with its service.