Selecting the Best Sewing Machine For Beginners Is Now Easy!

Every professional was once a beginner, and this is not something surprising. As a beginner tailor or a seamstress, one would have started working up the ladder learning to make small stitches, the basic button hole stitches, and other such functional ones. These days, many brands offer the best sewing machines, and every beginner can try to work.

These machines are easy with many features that would be much uncomplicated to work with. However, before shopping for any sewing machine, reading the reviews of these sewing machines from is vital.

Knowing about the top three sewing machines:

As a beginner, you might be still familiar with only a few basic stitches and uses. So, in order to practice these, only branded sewing machine is vital. Pick the sewing machines from any one of the following here.

  • Singer 1304 Sewing machine: This is one of the best names that comes to the mind of those who are looking for the beginners’ level of the sewing The machine gets easy stitch selection and offers six built-in stitches along with preset stitch length and width all in it.


These are few thoughtful additions that the Singer 1304 machine has, and it is of great use to anyone in need of it. The sewing machine is ideal for getting a free arm for allowing the users to stitch bigger clothes too. The machine gets three presser feet- the All purpose foot, the buttonhole foot, and the zipper foot.

Users would also get automatic bobbin winding system, and LED Sewing space light and even dual spool pins for twin needle sewing.

  • Brother CS6000i: The brand of Brother is already famous, and it has gained fame from all levels of users- the beginners, and the advanced alike. This is because the brand has employed all types of features to suit and aid the users as per their expertise and skillset. The Brother CS6000i is not just perfect for the absolute beginner, but even for those who aim to level up soon.

The machine offers seven styles of stitching and gets the LCD display to aid in stitching. Users would get to use the automatic needle threader and automatic bobbin for smoothly stitching clothes, attach cuffs, collars and even sleeves as per their choice.

  • Janome 2212: Usually, the beginners would require knowing a few basic functions in such a way that they can go ahead with other machines. So, one can learn about handling up to 12 stitches and a four-step buttonhole with this Janome 2212 machine. This machine gets reverse lever, and adjustable knob to fine-tune the length and width of the stitch that you would go for.

For a beginner, aiming to go for the best sewing machine for beginners is going to be a lot easier if he or she refers this list. It will help in selecting the ideal one as per their requirement.

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